Your Windows 10 21H2 Install Will Be Forcibly Upgraded

You Don’t Have To Go To 11, But You Can’t Stay Here

Windows 10 21H2 hits EOL on June 13th and unless your computer is protected by a corporate network you will be upgraded.  The timeline is not exactly clear but soon after that date you will be forcibly upgraded.  If you have disabled TPM you should be safe from Windows 11, assuming they don’t decide find a way to enable it remotely.  You will see the update to Windows 10 22H2 at the very least and it will not be labeled optional.

Microsoft will be kind enough to let you pick a time, so you won’t be rebooted mid-sentence but do not expect to be able to delay it for days.  It seems likely it will occur during the timeframe Windows detects you are not usually using the computer.   At this point there isn’t much that breaks because of the update to Win10 22H2, however the same cannot be said for Windows 11.   

There are a lot of people taking that plunge however, The Register reports that Windows 11 has leapt from 9% in March to 23% in April.  This mandatory update will likely swell those numbers even more.  Let’s hope everyone is ready for it.

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