XCOM With Non-Canon Superheroes? Meet Capes

No Bloody Marvel, No Bloody DC …

Superhero games have quite the history, with some being memorable for being amazing while most others were such disappointments that they are best forgotten.   They usually depend on a well known cast of characters from the comics and movies, however Capes is going in a different direction, the cast of characters in this X-COM like game are unique; at least in theory.

The world that you will play in has already been taken over by supervillains, so you need to recruit a team of superheros to set things right.  The animation in the Capes trailer over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN is interesting, with a mix of old school comic art and smooth combat moves.  The game is being developed by the new Spitfire Interactive studio, made up of the devs that brought you Hand of Fate.  From the looks of the trailer, they decided to leave the cards behind for this one.

Unfortunately, an game full of official Marvel superheros called Midnight Suns is due to release at roughly the same time as Capes, which could prove brutal for the new gaming studio.  Check out the trailer here, to see some superheros that don’t mind killing the bad guys.

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