Wunderbar! Intel Is Spending $33 Billion On Two New German Fabs

Two Plants To Be Built In Magdeburg

Intel have been busy diversifying their supply chain, building new plants on three different continents to help ensure their continued dominance in the industry.  The newest step in this plan is two new German fabs, which follows last weeks announcements of new fabs to be built in Poland and Israel.  In all three cases Intel received subsidies to locate the plants in those countries, with German offering the equivalent of $11 billion.  That is a fairly hefty chunk of the expected $33 billion that Intel will spend to build these two new German fabs.

Intel expects to break ground in the second half of this year, to come online in 2027 if all goes well.  These plants will add to the ones already agreed to or that are in construction, such as the expansion of the Gdansk, Poland fab by 50% which will be completed later this year.  Intel has not revealed what the new German fabs will be producing, though we do know the Leixlip, Ireland fab will be an Intel 4 line.  

You can see the official press release here.

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