Workstream – Monoprice’s Heavy Duty Gas Spring Desk Mount For A Single 32″ To 49″ Monitor

Raise Your Arms

The Workstream is big, reaching all the way from the rear to the front of my 23.8″ deep desk, and raising my display to an eye level about 3′ above the surface when extended vertically.  When you first slip the monitor onto the arm, you need to line the clip up perfectly in order to connect the VESA adapter and the same goes when removing it.  The metal VESA plate and clip feel very secure, it is not possible for the monitor to slip off unless perhaps you installed the clip upside down.   Gently ease the monitor down to the desk, as the gas spring will need to be adjusted before the Workstream will support your monitor.

That is easily done with the provided Allen key, but be warned, you will need to apply a fair amount of torque to turn the nut and quite a few spins before the arm will support a heavier monitor.  Once you’ve dialed it in, the arm moves easily and stays put exactly where ever you let go.  If not, give a few more turns and the Workstream will be ready for you.  There are cable management tubes on the bottom of the arm, running the entire length, if you like to hide your HDMI.

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