Windows 11 Bootable Disks And The Revenge Of Rufus

An Old Friend Learns New Tricks

As far back as 2014, we have recommended Rufus as one of the best bootable disk creators available; that’s the first mention I can find but we have been using it for longer.  It was a great way to create bootable CDs and survived the pivot to bootable USB drives wonderfully, unlike many other old boot utilities.  Rufus is still going strong and have added some amazing new features that you should know about.

If you choose Rufus over the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, you will be able to bypass the TPM and Secure Boot check that prevents Windows 11 from installing.  Rufus also managed to find a way to reinstate the ability to successfully bypass the mandatory requirement for a linked Microsoft account, as long as you are not connected to the internet at that stage of installation!  They also have a few other tricks to disable the improvements Microsoft have added to their latest OS.

Once you have decided to try this modified Windows 11, why not remake it the way you like?  The Register talks about a variety of programs, old and new, which you can use to customize the look of your Windows 11 install.  One new program is ExplorerPatcher which lets you modify the Taskbar and Start Menu, including allowing a vertical taskbar on the left or right of your screen and even lets you bring back the the classic QuickLaunch.

Check them out here.

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