Windows 11 23H2, Two Teams Aren’t Better Than One

The Not So Secret Sort Of Released Windows Update

You may have seen the prompt to pull the trigger to update to the newest version of Windows 11, but there is a good chance it hasn’t come through yet.  If you haven’t already heard more than enough about the update which just barely qualifies as a 2023 release you can peek at The Register’s story here.  These large Windows updates have generally signified noticeable changes to your operating system; this time is a bit different.  Many of the big changes, such as modifying the Start Menu, have already rolled out previous to Windows 11 23H2 while others like Copilot integration are not actually rolling out in tandem with the update.

One of the few remaining large changes is the removal of something you have probably never even seen, unless you accidentally hit WIN + C.  Chat is a free app which is neither Teams nor Skype but some sort of weird melange of the two, visually similar to Teams but and offering up any and all of your contacts from Skype, Outlook and other Microsoft apps.  This has been annoying for businesses, where some users end up with two running apps that can possibly mix personal and work contacts together, not to mention slurping up extra CPU cycles unnecessarily. 

Apart from that, you can look forward to a new System section in your Start menu and that’s about it for this supposedly big release.

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