WiFi Woes? Build Your Own Helical Antenna

Are You Receiving Me?

When you run into WiFi signal issues it can be quite a pain trying to resolve the problem.  WiFi signal boosters and repeaters are often next to worthless, many models simply don’t boost the signal much at all, or you need to string several together to get line of sight to your router.  The days of external antenna ports on laptops have gone, so the old Pringles can trick only works on a few models now.   If you have a spare satellite dish you could always stick a receiver in the middle of it, but that can be a bit of an eyesore.

Hackaday posted a project which just might be the solution you need, with instructions on how to build your own helical antenna.  This should be strictly for receiving, as some countries have very strict limits on how much power you are allowed to broadcast over the 2.4GHz range.   It is quite effective at boosting your reception, outperforming a Maxlink antenna that Dereksgc bought for comparison.  You will need access to a 3D printer to make use of the CAD files provided to create the antenna.  There is also a helical antenna calculator which you can use to determine the specifications you will need.

Just connect to this page for all the details.

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