What To Expect From The Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update

For Those That Pay And Those Who Don’t

Regardless of whether you pay for Phantom Liberty or not, you will see some big changes in your Cyberpunk 2077 experience on Sept. 26th.  The 2.0 update, as they are calling it, introduces car chases into the game as their new police mechanic will have the cops chasing you if you get caught doing something shady.  As with many other games, if you can’t escape and lie low the forces sent after you will become more and more powerful.  You will also get to try out the revamped skill systems and perks, enjoy an updated inventory system and be able to tune into new radio stations.  You can check out the full list at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.

If you do fork over for Phantom Liberty, you will get to check out Dogtown and all the characters found within the new section of Night City.  There will also be new missions, both story and dynamically generated, you will be able to strap launchers to your cars and the level cap is raised to 60.  Along with the raise in level comes new skills only available if you pick up the DLC.

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