Watercool Your EPYC Server With The Dynatron L32 SP5

What Once Was Madness Has Become Acceptable Practice

If you had suggested introducing an all in one watercooler to the server room just a few years ago, at best you would get a stern talking to and at worst you’d be looking for new employment.  This has changed with the newer generations of server chips, which often do ship with liquid coolers direct from the supplier.  It was inevitable that third party coolers for servers would eventually appear, with the Dynatron L32 SP5 1U cooler being one of the first to be reviewed.

This cooler has been designed specifically for AMD EPYC Genoa and Bergamo processors, and the design has improved from Dynatron’s original Xeon cooler.  Instead of using two different metals for the mounting bracket and the cold plate they simply used a copper base with a plastic top.  The radiator, which has to fit in a 1U rack, sports three 40mm fans which can hit up to 58.81 dBA at full speed.  It is intended to live in a server room, where that won’t be such a problem.

ServeTheHome were impressed with the design and performance, and at $119 to $130 it isn’t a huge investment to try out.   Check the Dynatron L32 SP5 out if you’re curious about upgrading server cooling.

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