WARHAMMER III Immortal Empires Arrives With New Champions of Chaos

Is Joining Forces With Chaos Worth The Cost?

The DLC content for the Total War Warhammer series has been both plentiful and quite good, for the most part.  The Champions of Chaos DLC is one of the good ones.  It not only brings in five new playable Lords but it also adds depth to playing as Chaos, leaving encampments to the Beastmen as it should be.  It also adds a brand new campaign to give a new experience for those who have already played through The Realm of Chaos campaign, and want to experience a different adventure in the new continent.

As you may have surmised, owners of the original Chaos Warriors Race Pace from the first Warhammer Total War will be getting a free update today.  It will update the mechanics of those Chaos forces to match the new style of play if you want to revisit the original again.  At some point in the near future Total War will release a free Marked Chaos Warriors DLC for the first game which will add three new Warriors of Chaos variants, Nurgle’s receive great weapons, Slaanesh gains Hellscourges and it’s halberds for Tzeentch.  Those marked with Khorne’s symbol will remain with the original troop type from the DLC.

As for Immortal Empires?  As it is free there is no question it is worth the investment, assuming someone you know has all three games and is willing to play multiplayer with you.  If you don’t already own the previous two games, it is unlikely you bothered to even read this far.  On the off chance you did, while it is a steep investment to purchase both previous Warhammer titles, let alone all three at once, it gives you an unparalleled way into the world of Warhammer.   Keep an eye out for sales, as limiting yourself to playing only those races which came with Warhammer III is no where near as much fun as being able to choose from most (or all) of them.

Thanks goes to Total War for providing a review code to unlock some of the DLC I hadn’t purchased to test in Immortal Empires, as well as access to the closed beta.   I’m off to see if an Ogre Lord can swallow a Dwarf whole, or if they have to chew a bit first.

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