Victoria 3, Party Like A Princess In 1836

Sorry, No Steampunk Here … Lettuce Is A Thing Though

Paradox have release the third version of their Victorian era grand strategy game, set one year before Victoria takes the British Throne.  If you’ve played any of the previous two then you pretty much know what is going on, and this is fresh new take on the game.  Many of the mechanics are going to be familiar, but enhanced and in theory slightly more well designed.  If you have never dipped your toes in this series, there are a number of guided game modes with helpful hints to get you started.

It is up to you if you want to steer England, or whichever country you you chose to lead, towards an egalitarian future or if you are more into ruling by the sword.  Thanks to the complexity of the game no playthrough is going to go the same way, even if you chose the same country.  As with the previous games Paradox didn’t flinch at including the nastier bits of the 19th century.  They aren’t presented as good nor bad, simply a fact of life; but one you could choose to change.

Check it out if you are curious, as some of us are currently far too addicted to Terra Invicta to even consider launching a different game.

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