Vertagear PL6800, A Coffee Infused Gaming Chair Built For The Substantial Gamer

Now Witness The Flair-power Of This Fully Armed And Operational Battle Chair

Now that the Vertagear PL6800 is assembled, it has the privilege of performing what might be one of the worst jobs on the planet.  Thanks to my new Terra Invictus addiction, it has had quite the workout.  After a couple of hours to get to know each other, the cushions only made some minor adjustments and since then have proved quite robust.  Unlike the aforementioned HON task chair, the cushion on the PL6800 compresses just enough for comfort and no more.  The design of the foam pillars inside the seat offer decent airflow as well, very important if you sit for several hours at a time.  It seems like this chair should have quite a bit of life in it; definitely living up to the specifications Vertagear is advertising.

The sheer size of the chair offers another benefit, it only rolls when you want it to.  The chair weighs just under 60lbs so it doesn’t wander like lesser gaming chairs do when I stand up.  The castors roll just fine on the plastic matt on top of the carpet in the room when you want them to.  It does take a bit of effort to start them moving, but that is not a bad thing at all.  It stops when you want it to as well, so you aren’t going to impact your desk when scooting up a bit closer to the desk.

The lumbar support is every bit as impressive as the seat, the stiff but form fitting foam inserts covered in memory foam work with my back very well, and my back doesn’t get along with much.  With the assistance of the pillow, which stays put fairly well thanks to the material Vertagear used on the back of it, the chair is very comfortable.  The ability to adjust the angle of the back separately from the angle of the entire chair lets you chose from a variety of positions.  Sitting up straight is comfortable and good for you, but some times you just want to lean back and relax.

When you do recline the locking mechanism feels very sturdy, you even need to lean back slightly after using the paddle to unlock it in order to readjust position.  If you need to take a nap, you can indeed recline the chair almost completely horizontally.  The overall construction suggests that the locking mechanisms will last as long as the cushions will.  As for the height adjustment, that piston does not seem to care how much weight is on it … at least until you hit around 400lbs.

In the end, for that is what this is all about, the Vertagear PL6800 is impressively comfortable for the full sized gamer.  For some the shiny PL4500 Swarovski or colourful SL4000, with optional RGB kit, might be a better choice but for me this is a far better choice.   If you too are large enough to get on this ride, it is worth the price of admission.

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