v-color Has Skywalker Plus DDR4 Too

64GB Of DDR4-4000MHz That Is Looking For Trouble

It seems like a bit of a gamble to call your RAM Skywalker Plus, as there is a very litigious mouse that may believe it has a trademark on part of that name.  They will likely not yank it out of your system if they do win a court case, so you shouldn’t let that dissuade you from considering this DDR4-4000MHz kit with timings of 18-22-22-42 at 1.4V.  Those memory modules are from Hynix, hidden under a heatspreader with a black circuit board-like pattern.

The DIMMs are already close to their limit, The FPS Review needed to raise the voltage to 1.45V and loosen the timings up to 20-24-24-46 in order to hit 4200MHz.  As that overclock only helped in synthetic tests and not real world performance, it is probably not worth the fight.   The frequency makes it more useful in an Intel system, but if you can get your Ryzen’s fabric up to 2000MHz then this kit could be fun.  You can grab the 64GB kit of Skywalker Plus for $239.99 on the v-color website.

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