Tracking To Be The Default In Google’s Open Source Go Programming Language

Designed With Telemetry In Mind

It can be very handy for designers to be able to track how users use their software.  You can track what features your users actually use, and which they either don’t find useful or simply can’t find in your menus.  It can also help track not just bugs but also the general performance of the app.  Telemetry can make your life better, but traditionally it has been an opt in experience to allow those who prefer not to be tracked to remain somewhat anonymous.

Google’s Go, a open source programming language project, being led by Russ Cox, is looking to break that tradition by baking telemetry directly into the language and enabling it by default.  As you might expect this has not gone over well with many developers that were thinking of using Google’s Go in their projects.  It’s not that they are totally against telemetry, just that it should be opt-in and not opt-out.

If you are thinking of trying out the new open source language, do keep this in mind.

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