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Total War: Warhammer 40,000 Is Very Likely One Of The Three

There are rumours abounding that Creative Assembly is working on three new Total War games, leaving us to prognosticate what they might be.  There is one that has been rumoured for quite some time which would indicate a big change for the series, a Warhammer 40K version.  If true it would likely require a new engine to best represent the ranged combat that is the core of Warhammer 40K.  They could certainly skip ship and most vehicle combat, but something would need to be done to make your Space Marines more than just glorified archers.  The siege engines of 40K are also quite different from what we have seen, even in Warhammer 1 through 3. 

The second game is likely historical, as that is Creative Assembly’s bread and butter.  We can certainly hope for Medieval 3, though it could be something completely different.  

That leaves a mystery game for number three, and there are rumours it could well be based in the Star Wars universe.  That would help justify reworking ranged combat, by applying it to two different games instead of just one.  On the other hand, as Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN points out, there are not that many factions in Star Wars.  In previous games, it’s generally The Empire and Rebel Alliance, with Scoundrels tossed in for those that want to be a crime lord.  You could theoretically have different factions within those three choices, where you would need to ally with and possibly absorb them but it still seems quite limited in scope.  The Old Republic might broaden the choice, but not to the extent we usually see in a Total War game.

As of now, it’s all rumours and we will have to wait to find out.

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