This Targeted Ad Brought To You By PayPal

PayPal Ain’t Your Buddy

If you were upset you weren’t getting enough targeted advertisement then the newly revived PayPal Ads group is there for you.  The details are still in the works but from the looks of it, they will offer a paid service to online businesses that want to advertise with them.  In return PayPal will review the purchases you’ve made using your PayPal account so they can target you with ads for things you’ve bought in the past.   Since they own Venmo and Honey there is a good chance those purchases will also be included.

This service will probably be quite popular, last year PayPal processed around 25 billion transactions which would help build a huge database of customer purchasing data.  As you should assume in 2024, there is an AI component.  The PayPal Ads via the new Advanced Offers Platform has around a half trillion dollars of transaction data that has been analyzed with AI so that PayPal can advise businesses on what sort of deals to offer to their customers.


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