ThieAudio Wraith, Planar Magnetic Open Ear Headphones

ThieAudio Is Trying Again, After The Poor Reception Of Their Phantom

The ThieAudio Wrath headset is sharp looking, with a CNC-processed stainless steel headband and frame, coupled with a faux leather suspension band, and shipping with leather, velour and microfiber ear pads you can swap between.   These planar magnetic headphones offer a frequency response range of 20 Hz–40 kHz, a sensitivity of 101 dB/mW and a total impedance of 23 Ω.  Unlike many other similar headsets it uses a dual 2.5m jack instead of the more common 3.5 TRS connection, outputting to a 4.4 mm TRRS jack.

TechPowerUp tested out the ThieAudio Wrath and one of the first things they noticed is that the construction made them think more of a semi-closed headset rather than a full open backed one.  When you swap out the pads, there is a strip of hook-and-loop fasteners to deal with.  That makes it easier to swap pads but if you don’t line them up correctly there will be a gap which can effect the bass performance negatively.  You can get a full look at the range response in the full review.

In the end, these would be a decent set of headphones except for one thing, at a price of ~$550 there are better solutions out there for a similar or lower price.

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