Thermaltake The Tower 500 Snow Vertical Case Review

Going through all the configuration options in the Tower 500 is time consuming, especially as a reviewer who is trying to imagine all the different ways someone might want to use this case. Even with all the available configurations, I feel like Thermaltake may have missed a few opportunities with the Tower 500.

Since it only includes one set of the radiator/fan brackets, you can only use one 360mm radiator (in addition to the 240 and 280 available at the top and bottom). I think more people who are looking to do a custom loop would prefer to have the extra brackets, and simply mount the two 360s (additionally, I think this configuration would look amazing in this case).

Another missed opportunity would have been to have some additional larger openings in the plates that separate the basement from the main compartment. If someone does want to mount a radiator at the bottom, the separation plates would need to be left out, as there are no passthroughs for tubing. Also with so much space in the bottom section, it could have also been utilized for pump mounting if passthroughs had been designed in.

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