There’s A Party On The Front Of The Deepcool CH510 Mesh Digital

Tempered Glass And Temperature Readings

Deepcool has designed a case for those bored of a static front panel, the CH510 Mesh Digital.  As the name suggests the majority of the front of this case is mesh, but it also lives up to the digital moniker with an LCD that can display the temperature of your CPU or GPU.  The magnetically attached tempered glass side panel is also a nice touch for those that have a tendency to lose screws.

The CH510 Mesh Digital will cost you $100, a good price for a case with these features but as you might expect this means that Deepcool had to make a few compromises.  The first is that the LCD panel can only show one temperature and there is no way set it to cycle between your CPU and GPU, instead you need to fire up Deepcool’s software to switch to the other temperature reading.

The case also ships with only a single 120mm fan, which may turn some off and attract others that would prefer to use their favourite fans without having to remove existing ones.  Watercooling fans are also going to be careful, as the design of the case’s interior limits your choice of radiators.

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