The Yeston GeForce RTX 4080 Super Sakura Sugar Stands Out In The Crowd

A Factory Overclock And A Fancy Dress

There are quite a few attractive cards in this series, but none stand out quite so much as the RTX 4080 Super Sakura Sugar from Yeston.  If you are impressed by the top of the card, you need to check out the backplate picture in the full review at Guru of 3D.  This will not be to everyone’s taste but it is certainly unique.  The paint job isn’t the only reason to pick up the card, it comes with a 2640MHz boost clock speed, and Yeston have increased both the power limiter and frequency limits. 

Those increased limits enabled Guru3D to push the GPU Boost Clock up to 3000MHz and the memory to 25500MHz.  On the flip side, if you are more into undervolting the card incorporates s 0dB technology, and the fan will not spin up until the card hits 60C.   The cooler on the card will manage to keep your temperatures around that level until you really stress it, though Guru3D never saw it top 70C. 

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