The XMG NEO 15 E22, A Gaming Laptop With External Liquid Cooling

Control That RTX 3080 Ti With The OASIS External Liquid Cooling Solution

The XMG NEO 15 E22 is a unique gaming laptop, as it ships with a removable external liquid cooler to keep the i7-12700H and RTX 3080 Ti comfortable.  The OASIS External LCS stores 160 ml in it’s external reservoir and 70ml in the laptop loop for total of 230mm and is controllable via Bluetooth.  The process to add or remove the LCS impressed TechPowerUp with it’s ease and cleanliness; no leaks here.

There are some troubles with the design of the LCS, for anyone worried about galvanic corrosion however.  Not only did XMG use an aluminium radiator with brass connectors and a copper heatpipe, the connectors are PC/ABS which limits the type of coolants you can use to try to mitigate the effect the mismatched metals will have.  The connectors can be replaced with ones made of POM, which helps to prevent that corrosion but TPU suggests you also frequently replace the coolant to be sure.

The XMG NEO 15 E22 performs noticeably differently when the OASIS External LCS is connected.  The temperature of the CPU under load is reduced by ~20°C and the GPU by ~28°C which also results in the noise the laptop creates dropping from 50.4 dBA to 39.8 dBA.  As for the gaming performance, without the concern of thermal throttling the NEO 15 E22 provides significantly more stable performance, with somewhat higher scores on benchmarks.

There is a lot more to this laptop, so you really should read through the whole review for a comprehensive understanding of what XMG could and could not achieve in this roughly $4000 laptop and external LCS.  

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