The Witcher 3 Next Gen Edition, With All New Bugs!

Not Even DLSS/FSR Will Save You

The updated Witcher 3 offers a lot of new visuals and support for ray tracing but unfortunately it comes at a steep cost.  You will get the update without spending any money, but it will cost you more than a few frames.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN launched the current build on an RTX 3070, Core i5-11600K with 16GB of DDR4 at 1440p, with the ray tracing set to ultra and managed an amazing 27fps.  When they added DLSS 2 and set ray tracing to Balanced they got all the way up 34fps.  Even when they turned all the new bells and whistles off and tried the game with the original Ultra preset they saw 115fps and not the 133fps the original release offered.

Obviously this is not the intended result and CD Projekt Red is working to improve the performance of the game now that it has been released.  Hopefully they are not just able to improve performance, as there are a few bugs to work out as well.   RPS managed to get their hands on an AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX but can’t tell you how it performs as it crashed before they could get results when they tried.

Give it a shot and see how your system handles it because it sure looks pretty.

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