The Thaumaturge, Check Out An Alternate Early Twentieth Century Warsaw

Hang Out With Rasputin, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The Thaumaturge is a top down detective RPG with some eldritch twists in amongst the social upheaval of the times.  The First Russian Revolution is just kicking off which means everyone, from nobility to commoner, are trying to at least hold on to what they have while searching for ways to exploit the uncertainty of the time.  There is a lot of dialogue, which Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN was glad to see doesn’t just offer a binary good guy or bad guy response, but there is also a lot of turn based combat to keep you occupied.

The game is relatively short and inexpensive, so you can dive in at release knowing you won’t have to devote hundreds of hours to it.  That is good for those that don’t have that much time to devote, as well as those that want to replay it. From the sounds of the review it is at least as replayable as Disco Elysium, if not more.

Check out the full length review here.

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