The Snazzy ZOTAC GAMING RTX 4080 AMP Extreme AIRO

It’s Almost A Shame To Hide It In Your Case

The ZOTAC GAMING RTX 4080 AMP Extreme AIRO is a very unique RTX 4080.  They have chosen to add a lot of curves to the card and the backplate, as well as installing SPECTRA 2.0 ARGB lighting all around the card to really make it shine.  The AIRO branding indicates it has an “AIR optimized design” and considering that the card ran at 61C under load with a hotspot that never exceeded 68C, it seems worthy of the name.

All is not perfect however, for the outputs offered are three DisplayPort 1.4 ports and one HDMI 2.0 port.  The choice to not go with HDMI 2.1 at this time makes little sense, and is going to disappoint anyone with a fancy new high speed display.  The performance matches or beats a Founders Edition RTX 4080, and does it at a lower volume making it a solid choice, if you don’t need HDMI 2.1.

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