The September 26th Windows Update Doesn’t Like Radeon

Windows Copilot Doesn’t Run On Adrenaline

A variety of AMD GPU owners have been having a bit of a nightmare since the new Windows Update rolled out last week.  Since they installed KB5030310 any custom tuning configurations they set in Adrenaline 23.9.3 are reset with every reboot.  If you like to undervolt, modify your frequencies, or even just use one of the built in overclocking profiles in the software, a reboot will reset it to default.  To add insult to injury Windows will claim it was the GPUs fault and you will get a vague error about an unexpected failure and Windows may freeze if you dare go back into Adrenaline to change your settings back.

Technically inclined users have tracked down a likely suspect in Windows Copilot, as using third party tools to disable the LLM seems to have resolved the issue.  The problem is tracking down an app you can trust to disable Copilot and nothing else.  The Register mentions a program called ViVeTool, which could be hard to find thanks to a certain VR headset.  Anecdotally, since the update Snipping Tool and the built in Photo app will slow my AMD based machine to an absolute crawl, with no obvious GPU nor CPU usage, and it will not come back until after a restart.

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