The RTX 4080 Avalanche – PC Perspective

FE? Fie! OEM

Here it is, more RTX 4080’s than you will probably see for quite a while; supplies are likely to be limited and not for sale at MSRP.  Hopefully this statement will be proven wrong, but it seems rather unlikely.   You should have read Sebastian’s review of the RTX 4080 by now, with details on the new Ada Lovelace architecture’s features.  You also now have a rough idea how the RTX 4080 stacks up against the RTX 4090, RTX 3090, RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 2080 Ti when you play at 3440 x 1440.  Overall the Founders Edition is quite an impressive card, however what about the OEM versions and how does it stack up against other cards we didn’t have handy to test?

You could wait for our next review, but while you are why not visit the The FPS Review and the many more listed below?  The FPS Review were able to add the RX 6900XT and the RTX 3090 Ti to the list of tested cards, not to mention trying a bit of overclocking with the MSI  RTX 4080 16GB GAMING X TRIO.  With the help of MSI Afterburner they raised the power limit by +15% and were able to boost the Core clock by 200MHz to 2795MHz.  That is nothing compared to the memory which they boosted 1.8GHz to an impressive 26GHz which raised the memory bandwidth to 832GB/s from the default 716.8GB/s.  This had a noticeable effect on performance, as you might expect.

You can also take a peek at their Founders Edition review, which includes a wide variety of ray traced games just like the MSI review.  You will also be glad to know that at no time did the connector nor card release any magic smoke.

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