The RTX 4060 Arrives With A Yawn

Power The Hero In You?

The RTX 4060 from NVIDIA has finally arrived, with plenty of reviews but a dearth of enthusiasm.  It shares the same AD106 GPU as the RTX 4060 Ti and the same controversial 8GB of GDDR6, though it runs slightly slower at a data rate of 17 Gbps.  The GPU is also 430MHz lower than the Ti, at 1830 MHz.  The one trick it does have is a TGP of 115W which is lower than any other Ada chip, though as Sebastian saw the actual power usage is a bit higher than that.  Basically if you want a bit more performance than an RTX 3060 at the power draw of a mobile RTX 3070 Ti then the RTX 4060 might be useful for you.

There was one somewhat interesting version released, the Zotac GeForce RTX 4060 Spider-Man OC.  The card doesn’t have any sign of the webslinger, but the box definitely features artwork from the new movie and there are a bunch of stickers and other bling.  It is the first Spiderman branded card we’ve seen, which does make it somewhat unique.   TechPowerUp also found that it is not just a pretty card, the cooler is decent and if you do have an ancient card and are willing to pay $300 the RTX 4060 does feature NVIDIA’s new features like DLSS 3 and AV1 hardware encode and decode.

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