The Next Battlefield Game Is … A Thing?

Battlefield Something Or Other Will Have Single Player Though!

Battlefield 2042 was kinda meh, neither awful nor great and generally purchased on sale.  The seasons did add a little something, but with so many other games doing the same thing it didn’t help it stand out.  Amazingly EA is actually admitting this and will be hiring a large staff to work on the game.  That is a big about face for a company that recently fired a huge chunk of their staff and a CEO who assured investors that everything was actually amazing at EA and there is nothing to worry about.

While they will continue down the road of making Battlefield whatever the smeg a live service offering is, there will also be a connected single player campaign.  That is something we haven’t seen in a while, and many considered dropping it a bad move.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN wasn’t able to garner many details about this new Battlefield game, other than EA promises they are listening to the players and might even consider incorporating some of their feedback.

They have a bit of work to do in order to gain our trust back though.

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