The New RTX 4070, Like An RTX 3080 12GB But With A Better Price

The Price Is Headed In The Right Direction, 

If you follow tech as obsessively as we do, you may have noticed this is the second time in a row NVIDIA have released an RTX x070 card which matches the performance of the previous generation’s x080 card, but at a better price.  The RTX 4070 Founders Edition sits perfectly between the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 Ti in benchmarks, exactly where an RTX 3080 12GB model would, if we had one.   It gives you that performance at a lower power draw however, even if the FE card ships with the 12VHPWR the card averages under 200W power draw though it can hit 221.8W peaks under heavy load.

The FPS Review included the RX 6800 in their tests, which the RTX 4070 stomps all over, even without including ray tracing.  The prices for that card are currently all over the place, but you can find an RX 6800 for around $500 which does make the price of the RTX 4070 FE digestible; in as much as any GPU price is today.   This is especially true when you look at the ray tracing performance, which can be almost 50% faster than the old RTX 3070 and miles ahead of AMD’s offerings.  Their DLSS 3.0 testing also gives a compelling reason to go with NVIDIA at this price point.

There are more RTX 4070 Founders Edition reviews below, and as a bonus you can check out the partner cards as well, all sorted by your favourite manufacturers.

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