The New High Frequency Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 Series

DDR5-7200 Is CL 36, DDR5-7400 Is 38 And DDR5-4800 Is … 40?

Those looking for a large pool of DDR5 with decent timings the Corsair Dominator Titanium series is one to consider.  The three kits each have two 24GB DIMMs, run at 1.40 V and interestingly all have a DDR5-7400 profile, though it’s not guaranteed to work.  The kits all support the new iCUE software for RGBitis, and the new version allows you to create custom profiles which you can load just like an XMP profile in your UEFI.

When overclocking TechPowerUp were able to run the DDR5-7400 kit at DDR5-8000 with a mere 1.35V, however reducing timings at that power level was not possible.   Their best results were at 1.45V, they could run stable tests with the DIMM running at DDR5-8200 with timings of 38-50-50-90.  You will definitely want to put these in an Intel system, they will boot with AMD but not at the same frequencies as on an Intel system.  Keep in mind these kids are very picky about the Z690 boards they will work with.

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