The MSI Titan GT77, A Fully Overclockable Mobile Workstation

A Huge Amount Of Power In A 3.3kg Package (7.3lbs)

The MSI Titan GT77 is  well named, as it contains a 16GB RTX 3080Ti laptop GPU, DDR5-4800 dual channel and an Intel Core i9-12900HX, the HX series which lets you overclock the E-cores and the memory as well as being more powerful that your run of the mill Core i9.  It also ships with four 1TB Samsung MZVL21T0HCLR (PM9A1) PCIe Gen 4 SSDs, Killer ax Wi-Fi6E and a Cherry keyboard.  It also sports a huge selection of ports, as this is not an Ultrabook with trimmed down port selections.

While Kitguru loved the performance of the MSI Titan GT77 overall they had some questions about the display they received.  The site lists a 4K 120Hz IPS display, yet the model they were sent for review had a 360Hz 1080p display instead.  The other challenge is the cooling, for even the mighty Cooler Boost Titan system with four fans, seven heatpipes and six exhausts struggles to tame the i9-12900HX.

To ameliorate that thermal issue there are three power modes you can run the laptop in, and Kitguru benchmarked all three of them.  Check out this impressive workstation, in both video and text.

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