The Light Side Of The ANTEC Dark League DF800 FLUX

F-LUX Your System

ANTEC noticed that modern GPUs aren’t just longer, they’ve more girth as well which fills the case quite impressively.  Unfortunately this interferes with airflow and can lead to excess heat.  To mitigate this ANTEC have created a series of F-LUX cases which let you mount a ‘reverse’ fan and shroud just above the bottom mounted PSU to directly pull hot air away from your oversized graphical unit.

In practice, many reviewers such as The FPS Review have found that the fans do drop the GPU by a couple of degrees, but not by as much as you might hope.  The Dark League Dark FLUX ships with three RGB fans for the front and one non-RGB in the rear, in addition to the reverse fan which makes it a decent choice for someone that doesn’t want to have to source their own.  However, they would also have to like the design of the front panel, which is quite different from your run of the mill enclosure.

Pop by for a better look at the Dark League Dark FLUX and details on it’s performance here.

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