The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL For Those That Love Big Cases

Living The E-ATX Life

If you like the look of the CORSAIR 6500X Mid-Tower Dual Chamber case Sebastian reviewed but need something a little larger, check out Lian Li’s O11 Dynamic EVO XL.  This case also features a “pillar-less design” but measures (D) 522 mm x (W) 304 mm x (H) 531.9 mm (20.6 x 12 x 20.9) and can fit any motherboard that is 280mm or less in size.  The top, bottom and side of the case can all accommodate three 120 mm/140 mm fans, or their equivalents in radiators, and the rear can handle another pair of 120mm fans.  Obviously you can’t mount any on the front of the case.  Lian Li chose to ship the O11 Dynamic EVO XL without any fans, which some will appreciate; others not so much.

TechPowerUp’s experience with the case was very positive, they were impressed with the quality of machining on the case as well as the fact you can invert it very easily.  If there was anything they would have liked to see added, it would be tool-less installation for the HDDs, however that is becoming less of a requirement as we all move towards M.2 storage exclusively.

Behold the O11 Dynamic EVO XL in all it’s glory.

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