The ID-Cooling FX360 PRO CPU Liquid Cooler Is All Business

Just Basic Black, No RGBs Or Infinity Mirrors

The FX360 PRO AiO CPU cooler from ID-Cooling is perfect for those that prefer an understated system, without the light show so common nowadays.  It is also great for large cases, as the tubing and pump power cables are all 18.5″ in length.  As you’d expect from the name, the radiator sports three TF-12025-PRO 120mm fans which are relatively quiet as long as you don’t spin them up to 100%.  There is separate hardware for AMD and Intel systems so installation is relatively easy, as TweakTown notes.  They would like to see slightly better instructions but it was a minor point.

The really big story is the $60 MSRP, which is very affordable and doesn’t affect the performance of the FX360 PRO whatsoever.  The cooler could outperform more expensive products from the competition, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.  Check the full review here.

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