The G-Wolves Hati-S Plus 4K … Is A Mouse

Was That Your First Guess?

G-Wolves have been around for a couple of years, releasing a number of gaming mice and accessories like high end mouse feet and anti-slip stickers.  Their Hati-S Plus 4K is a fairly recent release and gets part of it’s name from the 4000 Hz wireless polling rate it offers.  That polling rate, which can be reduced if you like, is a serious drain on the battery, which is why G-Wolves included a rather hefty one inside the Hati-S Plus 4K.  The mouse ships with a number of accessories, if you like grip tape or mouse feet of a specific size.

Inside the mouse you will find PixArt’s PAW3399 sensor which is adjustable up to 20,000 CPI, and Zippy DF3-P1L1 switches.  TechPowerUp were impressed by the minimal click latency, highly accurate sensor and lack of motion delay.  This quality does come at a price however, the MSRP of the mouse is $160.

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