The Free Tier Of GeForce Now Will Soon Be Ad Supported

At Least You’ll Have Something To Watch While You Wait?

There are several tiers of GeForce Now, Ultimate and Priority which come with a monthly subscription cost and better hardware on the remote PC you will play on, as well as a free tier which anyone can try.  The free tier does have some limitations, your gaming won’t feature ray tracing, you are limited to an hour of play per day and you will generally have to wait a bit for a virtual computer to become available.  The free tier was intended to give you a taste of GeForce Now, in the hopes of convincing you to subscribe to one of the paid tiers.

If you have been taking advantage of the free version, you might have another reason to consider upgrading to a subscription.  GeForce Now is going full YouTube on March 5th, and you will now be greeted with up to two minutes of ads while you are waiting to connect.  Keep that in mind next week if you are a user of the free service.

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