The Force Is Not With The Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake

If You Thought Yesterday’s Bootkit Was Bad News

In an announcement that will make fans consider turning to the dark side, Aspyr Media have stopped work on the Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remake.  Their remake was to be approved by LucasFilm and Sony but according to the story at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Aspyr have completely abandoned the project due to the “”disproportionate” time and money put into creation of the vertical slice demo” they need to present to have it approved.

Unlike the Apeiron, which was an Unreal 4 engine fan project to totally port Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, the project was not shut down by LucasArts.  Instead it was the developer who bailed on the project.  That does mean another developer could lobby LucasFilm and Sony to be able to try their hands at the remake, but it means we can’t expect to see a remake of KOTOR on any platform at any time in the near future.

There are still a few Star Wars games coming, such as Respawn’s Jedi Survivor and two mysterious games from Skydanceand Quantic Dream.   There hasn’t been much news on them lately, either.

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