The Finalmouse Centerpiece Keyboard Has A GPU And Runs Unreal Engine

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

RGBs were apparently just a gateway drug to truly excessive keyboard design as has been revealed in the promo video for the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard.  They’ve abandoned per key lighting and gone straight to a full laminated display circuit glass stack behind clear plastic keys.  The display is powered by an unspecified CPU and GPU and it runs Unreal Engine 5 to power it’s lightshow.

It is a fair bet that the silicon is from ARM, though at $350 it probably isn’t an M1.   You can port Unreal Engine 5 to mobile devices, suggesting we are looking at Snapdragon level silicon but for now they aren’t saying.  The reveal video, which you can see at The Register, showed off several interactive skins and a game you can play directly on the keyboard itself, which owners will be able to grab from Steam.

The switches are from Gateron and will be similar to their black linear switches; no news on if those will be the only switches offered or if there will be variations.  It is also worth noting that the legends for the keys on the Finalmouse Centerpiece have been moved to the front to better let your Unreal effects shine through.

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