The Endgame Gear OP1 8K Mouse Has Some Interesting Switches

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It’s hard for a mouse to stand out in a crowded market, but Endgame Gear thinks they may be able to do so with the OP1 8K.  The main switches have both top and bottom contacts.  This allows you to set the mouse to register a click when the top contact has been disengaged, instead of only when the switch is fully depressed.  This should, in theory significantly reduce the delay between your finger moving and the click being registered.

TechPowerUp tested this design with NVIDIA LDAT and found that the OP1 8K is hands down the fastest mouse in the west.  With the top contact enabled the latency so low as to register as a negative number, and even when the button is configured normally there is essentially no latency whatsoever.

There are a few more tricks to the OP1 8k, such as 8000Hz polling, read all about it here.

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