The Drop CSTM65, A Mechanical Keyboard With A Switchable Top Case

Drop have expanded their lineup, taking the design and customization of the CSTM80 and putting it into a 65% form factor.  The CSTM65 has a magnetically attached top case which you can easily pop off and replace with another one.  If you go with the plastic top you can choose between white, black, Laser Purple, Skiidata orange, and Shinai Green.  If you prefer aluminium to top off your keyboard, then it’s either anodized silver or basic black.  The bottom is also customizable, with a weighted metal plate that comes in stainless steel with a black PVD coating, stainless steel with a chromatic PVD coating, or brass with clear coating.

If that’s not enough, the keyplate itself is available in Aluminum, Brass, FR4, POM and occasionally even carbon fibre; not to mention offering either tactile Gateron Brown Pro 3.0 or linear Gateron Yellow KS3 switches to choose from.  Last but not least, the CSTM65 sports custom ABS south-facing keycaps, with PCBA mounted stabilizers, and 5-pin switch support.  There is, of course, per key RGB LEDs.

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