The Deepcool PX1200G Fully Modular And Fully Up To Date PSU

ATX 3.0, PCIe 5.0, And 12VHWPR

The Deepcool PX1200G has all the features you need to power new hardware, with an 80 PLUS Gold rating to prove it is fairly efficient at providing that power.  The single +12 V rail tops out at 100A, so even the most power thirsty GPU should run stable even under heavy load, and is the only component you’d need this amount of power for.  There are two EPS 12V and three 6+2 PCIe along with the 12VHPWR and a smattering of legacy connections, with decent lengths of 60-75 cm or over two feet if you prefer.

As to the performance that they Guru of 3D barely heard a thing, even at a 100% load which would not happen under normal usage the 135mm fan never produced more than 43dBA.  The power delivery is bang on as well, the PSU was made by CWT on the familiar CSZ platform so many other PSUs have been built on and the PX1200G matches their performance.  At 160 x 150 x 82mm it is rather small and for $240 it is reasonably priced.

There’s no reason not to consider the Deepcool PX1200G for your next system.

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