The DeepCool Assassin 4S Provides Cooling That Cubists Would Love

The Stealthy Assassin 4S Cools Effectively

DeepCool’s Assassin series of CPU coolers have always been known for their quiet performance and the Assassin 4S is no exception.  The FPS Review never managed to get it to produce more than 44.1 dB(A) which will be drowned out by other components in your system.  You can get that down to just under 36 dB(A) by running the 140mm fan at lower RPMs, though your temperatures will go up.  At full fans, the Assassin 4S kept their Ryzen 7 2700X at a hair over 50C however it raised to just under 70C with the fans set to 600RPM.

The look is also interesting, it is very square and wearing all black for those that like to know their cooler is working without seeing or hearing it.  You can also get it in all white if you prefer something a little more unique.  The Assassin 4S measures 160×110×160 mm, making it narrow enough it shouldn’t impinge on your RAM, though it might be close to touching the side of your DIMMs; perhaps offering extra cooling?

Check out The FPS Review for the full story.

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