The DDOS Is Over, You Can Fire Up Single Player Diablo IV Again

That Was Not The Offline Mode We Requested

If you had scheduled some Diablo IV over the weekend, then you likely noticed it was impossible to do so.  The servers were down for over 10 hours, starting early morning Sunday thus ruining many gamers plans for the day.  The outage has been revealed by Blizzard as the result of a DDoS attack against them.  It wasn’t just Diablo IV which was targeted, the attack rendered any of the many Blizzard games which require you to always be online completely unplayable.

This attack demonstrates one of the many arguments people have made about a proper single player Diablo IV.  The current game requires you to always be online, and losing that connection means you can no longer play the game.  This would make sense if you were actively involved in rankings, or wanting to show off your chops in Hardcore mode as an online connection can detect and flag any hacks or exploits being used.

For those of us that just want to smash buttons and slay monsters, who do not care about their rankings the current state of things stinks.

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