The be quiet! Shadow Base 800 Is One Cool Case

Who Knows How To House Two 420mm Radiators?  The Shadow Base 800 Knows!

The be quiet! Shadow Base 800 is designed with cooling in mind, offering an impressive array of mounting options.  The case ships with three 140mm Pure Wings 3 PWM fans, two in the front and one in the back.  You can add an additional 120/140mm fan in the front or replace all three with a 420mm radiator, and the same can be added the top of the case.  That adds up to seven 120/140mm fans, and if you stick with Pure Wings 3 or similarly designed fans you aren’t going to hear them at all, and the airflow should keep your CPU and GPU fans rather quiet as well.

The Shadow Base 800 can handle up to E-ATX motherboards, so you have plenty of space to install your internal components, as well as a cable management design that Tweaktown quite liked.  One recommendation they did have involved the vertical GPU slot bracket, as it should be installed in the case before you mount the motherboard.

Find the entire review here.

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