The Atompalm Hydrogen Drops – PC Perspective

Holey Thermoplastic Polyurethane Sheath

The USB cord that connects your mouse might not be the most interesting of features, but Atompalm have made use of TPU to shield the cable on the Hydrogen gaming mouse to ensure they can maintain an 8000Hz polling rate.  Assuming you have a CPU capable of handling such a high polling rate and move your mouse enough to need more than 1000Hz, this could be a great feature.  TechPowerUp found that setting the Atompalm Hydrogen to 4000Hz or higher makes mouse movement smoother and more accurate.  It might not make a huge difference to your K/D ratio but it could make computing a little more pleasant.

The shape is unique with some flares that other mice lack, overall it is similar in size and shape to the Razer Viper 8K.  They bill it as ambidextrous, even though there are only thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse.  The shape does lend itself to either hand, if you can wrap your brain around the button positioning.   

TechPowerUp liked Atompalm’s first mouse, though they do have some constructive criticisms that you can check over right here

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