The ASUS ROG LOKI Is Your Solution For A Fancy PSU

Who’s A Pretty PSU?

If you are designing a build which exposes your PSU to the world and are having trouble finding an interesting looking PSU to use then check out the ASUS ROG Loki PSU.  It sports aRGB inside, exposed to view thanks to a very unique style of grill over the fan and also has a very shiny highlight on one side as well.  The SFX design will ensure it should fit in just about any design you might come up with.  It is definitely made to be seen and not hidden under a shroud, though you certainly could if you desired.

The looks are impressive but as many have learned over the years, being pretty is not the main quality you should look for in a PSU.  The ASUS ROG Loki features a single 12V rail, with the 850W model capable of providing up to 71A and is completely modular; no VHWPR cable though.  It also sports an 80 PLUS Platinum sticker, which TweakTown proved it deserves in their testing.   They also saw solid performance, with no indication of unstable power delivery proving that this is not just a pretty facia, but also a decent PSU.

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