The Angry Miao AM Compact Touch Keyboard Dumps The Arrow Keys

Don’t Get Too Excited Though, It Hasn’t Even Started Crowdfunding Yet

Angry Miao not only has a great name, it’s previous limited releases have garnered a great reputation amongst keyboard fanatics.  They also have a history of releasing their products via crowdfunding, and the AM Compact Touch wireless keyboard will be no exception.  You will really need to be a fan of unique keyboards to back them however, as the price will range from $398 to $615 depending on the options you choose.  

The AM Compact Touch is missing a lot of things we assume will be on our keyboards, as the 60% form factor really slimes down the overall design.  It seems they did realize that the lack of arrow keys is a problem for many users and have come up with an interesting solution.  On the bottom edge of the keyboard, where your thumbs would sit when typing, is a 2″ x 0.5″ capacitive touchpad that can act as your arrow keys and even knows a few more tricks than the traditional keys.

The touchpad can act as traditional arrow keys but is also capable of more gestures to let you raise or lower volume and other functions.  There are still some bugs to work out before it is ready for release.  Check out what they are and how Angry Miao intends to improve the AM Compact Touch in Ars Technica’s preview.

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