The 2TB Sabrent Rocket 5, Adding Even More Speed To One Of The Fastest SSD Makers

2TB Is The Sweet Spot For The Phison E26 Controller

TweakTown have tested the 4TB Sabrent Rocket 5, but it is the 2TB model that truly impressed them.  Having tested other Phison E26 based SSDs, they expected that this model would surpass the 4TB model and they were proven correct.  CrystalDiskMark produced sequential reads of 14,160MB/s and writes hitting 12,769 MB/s which is enough to put it at the top of the charts.  Random reads and writes were slightly lower and the Sabrent comes in second just behind the Crucial T705.  That performance varies a bit depending on if you are running AMD or Intel, but not by a huge amount nor always slower on AMD.

If you need blazing fast storage the 2TB Rocket 5 managed broke several of lab records and tied as the fastest SSD they ever tested.  The only downside is the price, $400 for 2TB is steep but that is the price you pay for the best.  Find all the benchmarks and details right here.

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