The 2022 Cyberdeck Contest Winners

Wacky, Wild And Sometimes Wearable

If you were unaware of the many enthusiasts designing Cyberdecks then checking out the winners of Hackaday’s 2022 Cyberdeck contest is a great place to start.  The idea is to create something functional and portable, with as many extra features as a Raspberry Pi can possibly manage, contained in a unique looking and portable casing.  This year over 100 people entered their Cyberdeck projects and you can check out the winners here.

The Hosaka MK I “Sprawl Edition” has rather simple features, but the case is designed with extra space inside to house whatever you might like to include, and there are even magnets on the sides to allow you to add more modules should you so desire.  The Cyberdeck Red on the other hand comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, up to and including a projector so you can display what you are doing to the world.  It also happens to have magnetically-attached breadboards you can swap out on the fly and a drawer to contain the tools you would need to do it.

The ComputeDeck-B3 and IP00-minus are less deck shaped, instead they can be worn on the wrist.  Check them all out and since every project has it’s own page, you can even build a Cyberdeck for yourself.

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