TEAM T-Force Xtreme Narvic Black, 48GB Of DDR5-8200

All The Megahertz!

The T-FORCE XTREEM Narvic Black DDR5-8200 48GB kit is certainly snazzy looking, a textured black heatspreader with white text and a logo. TEAM felt that was enough and skipped the RGB completely, which could upset some.  The timings when running at DDR5-8200 are 38-49-49-84, fairly decent for RAM of this frequency, which XMP 3.0 detects and applies flawlessly.

TweakTown bumped the voltage up to 1.5 and could tighten those timings to 36-47-47-84, or if you leave those timings alone 1.55V will see DDR5-8400 run without issues.   The overclock does help in some benchmarks, but not so much in others, so you won’t really lose out at stock settings.  The real problem is the price, at $310 the Narvic Black DDR5-8200 is significantly more expensive than the competition, who can often match or beat the performance of this kit as you can see in the full review.

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